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Who are we working with?

Individuals through –
Personal Health Creation

Health Creation is being used by individuals from every walk of life who want to regenerate their own health and wellbeing, whether recovering from illness or wanting to prevent it.

Organisations through –
Health Creation at Work

Health Creation is being used in business, schools and healthcare organisations that care about the health and wellbeing of their staff and want to take a proactive approach to promoting healthy work and life styles. They know that this, in turn, leads to greater employee involvement, loyalty and ultimately better business.

People seeking career development through –
Health Creation Training

People who want to be a Health Creation Mentor or Consultant can train with us and become part of our global community, involved in our consultancy projects and practising as a Mentor in their own right. On qualification they join our active Mentor and Consultant Registers to join growing profession of Health Coaching and Consultancy.