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We have had some wonderful feedback on our Health Creation Mentorship, Trainings and the Clinic Services of Dr Rosy Daniel. Some examples of these are:

“Health Creation arrived just as I was about to declare defeat. I was exhausted, demoralized and depressed. My Mentor taught me how to put the oxygen mask on myself first. He helped me transform the prospect of a failing school into a vibrant new model of positive self-care without one single day’s absence.”

Head Teacher – Bristol

“My Mentor training as given my an entirely new lease of life and a brilliant new way of helping my clients. I started the training originally for my professional work but never realised how much I would gain for myself. Now I have received peer mentorship myself during the six-months of the training, I am finally walking my talk and applying all the good things that I recommend to my clients to myself. Now I feel at least ten times more authentic with my patients!”


RS – South Wales

“Dr Rosy, I have eternal gratitude for what you and your team contributed to my recovery seven years ago. I still still live by your Health Creation Principles and I am now happy, well and at peace with myself.”


DO – Wiltshire