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How our Health Creation Consultancy works

Research indicates that targeted best practice health and wellbeing strategies can reduce their employees’ health risks greatly producing a highly significant return on investment, increase in staff loyalty and improved team work. Health Creation reviews, develops, delivers, monitors and measures the health and wellness strategies you need to improve your employees’ engagement at work to increase work productivity.

So how does our approach work and what are the benefits to you?

Based on 25 years experience of generating measurable health gain:

  • We risk-assess individual health-defining behaviour, and corporate health-defining culture with our innovative online ‘Picture of Health’ tools created by Dr Daniel;
  • We interpret and report to you the anonymous, aggregated results showing you the likely effects of your people on your organisation and your organisation on your people;
  • We create a bespoke Health Creation Programme with training of chosen representatives as your “Health Creation Champions”, uniquely tailored to meet your organisation’s needs and goals;
  • We work ‘One to One’ to provide Executive Health Coaching with your top level executives to reward, protect and generate peak performance and build resilience.
  • We work ‘One to One’ to provide Staff Health Coaching for those that are vulnerable, stressed or ill, promoting their health and well-being and developing their ability to cope and work positively.
  • We provide a bespoke Health Creation Seminar Programme based on your Picture of Health results and selected from our 12 seminar series.
  • After six months we repeat your Staff Picture of Health to measure the benefit of your programme and the change in your staff’s Life Energy Factor.
  • We deliver measurable health gain and improvement on the bottom line, repeating our tests and fine tuning your Health Creation Action Plan on an Annual basis.

Health Creation marks a shift away from the traditional information-based model of health promotion to a proactive model of health creation, helping people to make exciting and positive changes in their approach to health and wellbeing. By taking a 360 view of the interacting states of body, mind, spirit and environment, we get to the root cause of what is causing ill health, disengagement and depression Our assessment tools helps identify where the healthiness of a person or organisation is currently compromised.