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How healthy is your work place? Take a free staff survey

OK! Let’s get started! The first thing for us to find out is how healthy your workplace is currently and what changes might be needed for everyone to feel happier and healthier.

Why not ask your staff, or a sample of your staff, to give you feedback through a series of questions on:

•  How healthy is your working environment?

•  What healthy changes would you like your employer to make in the workplace?

•  What support do you need to make healthy changes personally?

•  What suggestions do you have for a healthy action plan at work?

This survey will produce a very useful report to see how much a new focus on health and wellbeing is needed within your workplace. From here we can discuss the most relevant help that we can give you to protect and support your people as we develop together a dynamic proactive health culture.

We will work with you to set up your survey and then go through your results with you.

Interested? Email Dr Rosy Daniel at to receive a copy of our Free Staff Survey