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As Mentors of people with life threatening illnesses, we may occasionally be called upon to help support our clients to prepare for their death and dying. We need to be prepared for this ourselves and the more that we have looked into our own beliefs and spirituality the more able we are to help others moving towards the end of their life.

The Golden Path is an exploratory journey taken with like-minded people either purely for their own self-development or as a foundation for their Mentorship practice or as a prelude to taking the Spiritual Mentorship Training to support those who are life-threatened or dying. This course was developed by Dr Rosy Daniel and the late Pat Pilkington MBE who was co-founder and spiritual guardian of Bristol Cancer Help Centre, (now Penny Brohn UK.)

The course runs for 6 months over 4 weekends. The programme has been developed in order for you to understand where you are on your own spiritual journey. It allows you to explore your spiritual beliefs, knowledge and experience to better understand your soul contracts, challenges and spiritual growth. It encourages you to explore with others the big questions of how we can live and die consciously and how we can apply our spirituality in everyday life so as to be better prepared for death ourselves but also to help those who are dying.

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