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Health Coaching for People with Cancer with Integrative Cancer Specialist Dr Rosy Daniel BSc MBBCh

Cancer is now affecting 1 in 2 people during their lifetime in the UK! People facing a cancer diagnosis have to cope with the initial shock and fear, a greatly changed sense of their future, a tough ‘illness journey’ choosing and facing their treatments and then, with the right support, an all-important ‘wellness journey’ to get them strong, positive and well protected and often into better health and wellbeing than ever before.

Dr Rosy Daniel has been one of the leaders of the holistic cancer help movement since joining the Bristol cancer Help Centre (now Peny Brohn UK) in 1985. She has helped thousands of people to transform the crisis of cancer into an opportunity to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life.

She now offers a series of Masterclasses to Health Coaches and Coach Trainees wishing to develop advanced skills to empower them to walk this loving journey alongside people with cancer so that they are fully supported and get the best outcomes possible, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Format – The next course will run over four morning sessions fortnightly between May and June, 2024 and includes 3 practice group sessions to apply your knowledge in a peer setting.

Course Aims

  • To prepare the health coach to help people to face and cope positively with the diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment of cancer during their ‘illness journey’
  • To provide the health coach with the skills and knowledge to help those with cancer set up an empowering self-help ‘wellness journey’ based upon evidence based practices
  • To support the health coach to understand their own feelings and beliefs about cancer, death and dying and their need for active self-care when coaching people with cancer
  • To develop advanced coaching skills to support, motivate and turn people around who are facing their mortality and loss of the future they anticipated, to an enriched future based upon more authentic self-expression and greater meaning and purpose.

The Learning Outcomes for each session are to:

Session 1

  • Know what cancer is and how is it treated conventionally within orthodox medicine
  • Understand the physical and emotional stages of a cancer journey and how people react to the cancer diagnosis and treatments offered
  • Learn how to coach for both the illness and the wellness phases of the cancer journey
  • Know and recognise the 11 key needs of people with cancer at their times of peak vulnerability as identified by the research of Dr Rosy Daniel and colleagues in the study ‘Meeting the Needs of People with Cancer for Support and Self-Management’.

Session 2

  • Learn coaching skills to identify the state and needs of the person with cancer in order to meet and resource the 11 key needs
  • Study the evolution of scientific evidence for self-help and support of people with cancer
  • Understand our own reaction to cancer and the work we may need to do ourselves before coaching people with cancer, and for supervision and active self-care when doing this work
  • Have looked at our own relationship to death and dying and how this could affect our coaching of people with cancer.

Session 3

  • Know the difference between Integrative Medical, Complementary Therapies and Alternative Treatments for cancer
  • Study in overview the range of Nutritional approaches to cancer and the benefits and conflicts this can create
  • Clarify how to stay within the health coaching scope of practice when coaching people with cancer
  • Identify the resources available for people with cancer for support and self-help.

Session 4

  • Understood how to help transform the crisis of cancer diagnosis into an opportunity for major health and life revival
  • Learned how to modify our coaching style for people with the different coping styles defined by Dr Steven Greer
  • Understood the ways in which coaches can help people to prepare consciously for death and dying
  • Studied case studies of cancer survivors and identified what they have in common
  • Learned how to coach people to find new purpose and meaning in life which may have greater health and healing potential for them than the life they were leading before.

Dates – Join Rosy via Zoom to receive her expert CPD training over four Saturday mornings:

  • 9-1 – May 18th
  • 9-1 – June 1st
  • 9-1 – June 15th
  • 9-1 – June 29th

Course Fee

  • The Course Price is £395 with payment plans available. 10% Discount for UKIHCA and Health Creation members.
  • The Entry Criteria is that participants must be Qualified Health Coaches or Coach Trainees looking for specialist health coaching skills

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To talk to us about the course and payment plans please send an email with your telephone number to and we will call you.

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