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Principles and Evidence for Health and Wellbeing

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Online home study of the principles and evidence for health and wellbeing with Dr Rosy Daniel

This course can be taken stand alone by anyone wishing to gain a firm foundation for a holistic health practice or in combination with the Health Creation Mentor Training. This course maps the knowledge and experience gained by Rosy over 30 years as a leading holistic doctor. You will receive:

  • An introductory module explaining the current health context and the  urgent need for proactive health creation
  • The theory behind each one of the 12 Health Creation Principles
  • The theory and scientific evidence to back up your wellness practice or self-healing journey
  • An overview of the key scientific literature and historical findings behind all aspects of positive health & wellbeing
  • A wealth of information and understanding to present or teach clients or colleagues with the evidence for integrative health care and self-help approaches
  • The Certificate in Health and Wellbeing
  • All achieved by online study at home with the support of calls with tutors and peers

Enrol now for this online home study course to have the key knowledge and scientific evidence at your fingertips, creating professional confidence in your practice or self-healing journey within the training section of our webshop.

If you wish to discuss the suitability of this course for your learning needs, contact Dr Rosy Daniel via email

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