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Postgraduate University Qualification in Health Creation Mentorship and Consultancy

For a higher educational qualification in the Mentorship and Coaching, you can take 200 Health Creation study hours per HC module into 300 hour Postgraduate modules with Bath Spa University, Post-graduate Masters Programme.

This means you would need to do an extra 100 hours of study per module with Bath Spa, and then write of a 5000 word dissertation reflecting your area of interest and study. This gives you 30 academic credits at either Level 6 (under-grad) or Level 7 (postgrad), depending on your previous academic qualifications. Each of these Bath Spa modules costs circa £1,000 and hwilst enrolled with Bath Spa you have full access to the University’s library facilities.

For work at level 7 you should have professional certificated learning at a comparable degree level. Your suitability for admission to this programme is assessed by the Academic Programme Coordinator on an individual basis.

Upon achieving 60 credits (study of two modules and the linked ISMs) you receive a Postgraduate Certificate. With 120 credits (study of four modules and linked ISMs) you receive a Postgraduate Diploma. For a Master’s Degree, you need to take one of four modules with Bath Spa directly as a BSU research study module. This is a prelude to writing a 60-credit Masters Dissertation based on your own area of interest giving you 180 credits for a full Master’s Degree.

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To discuss the suitability of this course for you talk to Dr Rosy Daniel who will contact the Accademic Programme Leader to introduce you.