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For a profession which transforms lives

Would you like to join an exciting new positive health profession that brings people fully alive and back into a dynamic, fully engaged relationship with themselves? Come and join our wonderful training courses along with other like-mined people on a holistic health and wellbeing journey.

  • Study with Dr Daniel and Sue Caden the ‘Health Creation Mentorship Diploma’ which is now approved by the UK and International Health Coach Association – the UK’s leading standard body for the health coaching profession
  • Become a Health Coaching and Mentor providing the crucial guidance, support and motivation to help people transform their health and happiness
  • Go on to become a Health Creation Consultant working within organisations

Our Health Creation Mentors and Consultants come from all walks of life. They are health professionals, doctors, teachers, business people and management consultants, therapists, healers, yoga teachers and nutritionists. Others join us because they have themselves benefited from the holistic approach to health and are now wishing to guide and motivate others.

Our trainees share one vital thing in common – the desire to see preventable lifestyle illnesses like heart disease, obesity, cancer, diabetes, anxiety and depression reversed and prevented through great lifestyle choices. They want to share the secrets of whole-hearted, high energy living  based on holistic health principles; to see people transform as they come to live true to themselves in ‘right relationship’ to themselves, to others and to the planet.

If you wish to help people and organisations to flourish, join our Health Creation training and learn the skills and knowledge to pursue this heart-warming and fulfilling career.

The qualifications that you can gain are:

  • Health Creation Mentorship Diploma – which combines:   
  • Module 1 – Mentor Skills Training       
  • Module 2 – Principles and Evidence for Health and Wellbeing   
  • Module 3 – Professional Mentorship Practice           
  • Probationary period to practice your new skills                                                                                                                                                      
  • You can earn up to £80 per hour working from home, flexing your hours around other commitments
  • Interested? Please call Course Tutor Sue Caden on 07756-903759 or email to arrange a Zoom call to explore this wonderful opportunity! Alternatively, you can click here to complete our application form.