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Welcome to Health Creation Training

For a profession which transforms lives

Would you like to join an exciting new positive health profession that brings people fully alive and back into a dynamic, fully engaged relationship with themselves? Come and join our wonderful training courses along with other like-mined people on a holistic health and wellbeing journey.

  • Study online to take our ‘Principles and Evidence for Health and Wellbeing’ course
  • Study with Dr Daniel and Sue Caden the ‘Health Creation Mentorship Training’ and further elective trainings to follow.

Our Health Creation Mentors and Consultants come from all walks of life. They are health professionals, doctors, teachers, business people and management consultants, therapists and nutritionists and others that have themselves benefited from the holistic approach to health and who are now wishing to help guide and motivate others. They are on the Health Creation journey themselves and want to help others to know and experience the value of good health. They share one thing in common – the desire to see preventable lifestyle illnesses like heart disease, obesity, cancer, diabetes, anxiety and depression reversed and prevented through great lifestyle choices. They want to share the secrets of the joys of a life lived on holistic health principles, knowing how transformative this can be and how deeply beneficial to ourselves, our family, friends and work colleagues.

If you wish to see people and organisations flourish with our Health Creation approach, you can train in the skills and knowledge needed to pursue this heart-warming and fulfilling career. Or you may wish to study purely the Online Principles and Evidence for Health and Wellbeing for your personal or professional benefit.

The qualifications that you can gain are:

  • Certificate in Health and Wellbeing  –  By studying our in-depth online foundation course aimed at everyone interested in the theory and supporting evidence for all aspects of the holistic approach to health and wellbeing.
  • Certificate in Health Creation Mentorship The Mentor Skills Training for those wishing to become professional Health Creation Mentors
  • Health Creation Diploma – Which combines the online theory course with the practical Mentor Skills Training. We strongly encourage our Mentor Trainees to take both certificates when planning to establish themselves in professional Mentorship practice. When you have completed both the above certificates, you will be awarded our prestigious Diploma.

Thereafter you may make elective study of…

  • Health Creation Consultant Training – Consultant Skills Training for those wishing to become a professional Health Creation Consultant working in Business, Schools, Healthcare and other organisations
  • Academic Study with Bath Spa University – All Health Creation study course hours count as prior learning modules towards Postgraduate Academic Independent Study Modules in Coaching and Mentorship from Bath Spa University.
  • The Golden Path – Our Spiritual Development Programme for everyone wishing to explore their spiritual experiences, beliefs and how to apply these in conscious living and dying
  • Spiritual Mentorship Training – Our advanced Mentor Skills training for those wishing to become Spiritual Mentors to work with the life-threatened, dying and bereaved

Interested? Please enrol directly within the Training section of our shop to take the Online Principles and Evidence course.

To apply for the Mentor Training please fill in this application form and email it to and rosy/

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To discus the rightness of Mentor Training or other elective trainings for you, please email or leave a message for Sue on 01225-745737.

To find out more, please read more about the individual courses or read the Training Prospectus.

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