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The Role of the Mentor:

1. The role of the Health Creation Mentor is as an holistic health coach who supports, guides and motivates me in making healthy lifestyle changes. The Mentor is neither medically nor therapeutically qualified. Their role involves helping me to set up my personalised self-help programme and healthy lifestyle.

Terms for payment, bookings and refunds:

2. The Mentor fees must be paid in advance of Mentor sessions and the Mentor Hours are bought in the Health Creation website shop at in the Mentorship and Programmes section.

3. Mentor sessions which have been booked with my Mentor can be moved by mutual agreement. However, sessions must be paid for where less than 24 hours’ notice is given, except in emergencies at the discretion of the Mentor.

4. If after the first paid hour I am dissatisfied with the Mentor Service my fees can be refunded, or I can change to another Mentor.

5. If I wish to cancel the Mentoring service altogether, hours which have been paid for but not used can be refunded.

Terms for Confidentiality, GDPR, Absence and Quality Feedback:

6. When working with a Mentor the written work that I do within the interactive Health Creation Online will be visible to them so that they can see my results and best support me. This means that anything that I wish to keep private should not be written into this online programme but kept in a personal notebook.

7. The Health Creation Mentor will observe strict confidentiality, unless required otherwise by law. My data and notes are held by Health Creation in strict accordance with the GDPR privacy regulations. Mentors may discuss issues raised in my sessions in their Supervision or Mentor Development sessions, but they will do so anonymously.

8. if I wish to make any complaints about the quality of the Mentorship or the Mentor Service then I will report these to Health Creation.

9. If my Mentor becomes unavailable due to sickness or unforeseen circumstances, I can be offered another Mentor to cover this absence.

10. I may be asked to provide feedback on the quality of the Mentorship and the Mentor Service from time to time so that we may continuously improve the Health Creation service.


Please write to for any help needed.

Thank you for your co-operation and we wish you an excellent Health Creation Journey!

Registered Office – Old School House, Church St, Coleford, Somerset, BA3 5NQ

Company number 04114856 Email Helpline 01225-745737

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