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Heal Yourself – Download version

Heal Yourself – Download version


Four powerful self-help exercises by Dr Rosy Daniel to strengthen and energise you in body, mind and spirit.


Experience and learn four self-help techniques that will strengthen the body, calm the mind and restore the spirit.


  1. Relaxation
  2. Stretch and breathe
  3. Stillness meditation
  4. Compassionate meditation

This CD is also part of the Health Creation Programme workbook and the Cancer Lifeline Kit by Dr Rosy Daniel.

After payment, you will receive your receipt page which will have a download link beside each track, – don’t forget to click and download all the tracks! (You’ll also receive an email with the same link as back-up.)
These will download to your Downloads folder, and can be played on your computer or moved to your phone for use when not at home.