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Cancer Lifeline Kit by Dr Rosy Daniel

Cancer Lifeline Kit by Dr Rosy Daniel


The Cancer Lifeline Kit is a comprehensive self-help Kit for those affected by cancer.


The Cancer Lifeline Kit is a comprehensive self-help Kit designed to be of major support to those diagnosed with cancer and their close ones. It has been developed to fill the large support and self-help gap experienced by many cancer patients and their carers.

This Kit is an interactive resource, helping you to combine the best of both worlds of conventional medicine with complementary medicine and self-help. It brings together the most helpful information and effective self-help tools available.

The main components of the Kit are Part 1: The Cancer Lifeline Programme which helps people through the shock and trauma of their initial diagnosis, through making informed treatment choices, enabling them to prepare well for treatment physically and psychologically and to convalesce properly. Part 2: The Health Creation Programme, is designed to speed recovery by pro-active holistic health promotion and is also relevant to those with other chronic or lifestyle related illness.

Pack contents:

  • Cancer Lifeline Programme
  • Health Creation Programme
  • The Carer’s Guide
  • Cancer Lifeline Recipe Cards by Jane Sen
  • Audio CDs: Cope Positively with Cancer Treatment, Images for Healing Cancer, Know Yourself, Heal Yourself
  • DVD Video The Message of Hope – now replaced as a film on YouTube entitled ‘Message of Hope by Dr Rosy Daniel’.
  • Frontier Cancer Medicine Guide
  • Alternative Cancer Treatment Guide