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Personal Assessment

A one hour Mentor session to help you interpret your Picture of Health

After you have done your first Picture of Health you might like to have some expert Mentor help to interpret what it is showing you. This also services as a taster of what it is like to be mentored.

Our expert Mentors will help you to understand what your Picture of Health is really showing you and you can then clarify together where you can see that changes could be made to raise your energy, health and wellbeing. From here you can make your first Health Creation Goals together, ending the session with a clear pathway forward and a motivational boost to make things happen.  The Mentor will help ensure that the goals you make are the most relevant, realistic and achievable for your current emotional state and energy levels. They will also help you to find the resources that you may need locally to make and sustain healthy change.

From that point if you know you would like to go forward on your Health Creation journey you can get the Health Creation Programme and engage your Mentor.

Get a Personal Assessment