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How our Mentorship Works

Over six months your Mentor will coach you through a process or health and life revival
Each month you will be:

  • Assessing your current self-care with the Picture of Health
  • Becoming clear about your strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Monitoring your Life Energy Factor
  • Understanding what is working and what is not working in your home life or workplace
  • Receiving the insights, motivation and support to make exactly the right healthy changes for you
  • Understanding the root cause of what drains your life energy and causes resistance to health and happiness
  • Raising your life energy as you change life draining habits for those which build your energy, confidence and power
  • Planning Health Creation goals to strengthen your body, mind, spirit and environment
  • Receiving motivational guidance and support to help work through blocks and resistance so that you can make and sustain vital changes
  • Expressing your true nature as you become true to yourself
  • Focusing on the factors in your life that bring you fully alive
  • Living your brilliance as you align with your own values and purpose

Interested? To engage a Mentor to the Pesonal Mentorship section of our Health Creation shop.