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Our results

We have measured the benefits of the Health Creation Programmes with school teachers, head teachers, chief executives, hospital staff and senior NHS managers. The measurement tools that we have used are:

  • WHOQOL BREF – this measure quality of life
  • HADS Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale – this assesses mental health
  • WHO 5-Item Happiness Scale – this measures wellbeing, cheerfulness and positivity
  • The Picture of Health – individual with results of staff collated into a corporate result to give an overview of the Life Energy Factor of entire organsiations
  • Qualitative questionnaires to track the specific feedback of individuals that have taken our programmes

In all individuals and groups studied there were very positive outcomes with marked rises in quality of life and happiness and marked drops in anxiety, depression and stress. Reports of our studies and their findings are available by contacting

The benefits reported in qualitative studies of Health Creation

  • I was not aware how low my energy had got – seeing my Picture of Health result made it really clear where I was losing my energy and how I could regain it
  • I loved doing Health Creation at Work because for once the focus was on me personally and getting me feeling strong and well.
  • I have learned a lot about myself and what makes me tick. I have now talked to my manager and we have shifted my role so that I am doing what I love most
  • Since we did Health Creation our whole team is far more lively – it is such a relief to be able to have a say and to change the important things in our working environment. My husband and family have also noticed how much brighter I feel at home too.
  • What a shock to see how much life energy I have been pouring down the drain with my smoking, drinking and bad diet! Bit by bit I am changing my health habits and doing it along with all of my work mates and Mentor is extremely supportive
  • Now my workplace is on side with healthy living it is so much easier to make the changes that I was trying to make for myself
  • With better understanding of how I self-stress, I have been able to stop blaming others all the time and no longer put so much crazy pressure on myself
  • I am so pleased that our unit has adopted Health Creation. I finally feel like our bosses care about us as healthcare workers and are giving something back
  • Before we did the Picture of Health I had no idea that all the other teachers around me were feeling as bad as I was! We have a serious problem in education with stress and mental health and finally we are on a pathway together to confront these huge problems and come together as a team to do something about it!