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Life Energy Management

Our unique approach to health and wellbeing

The proposition is simple but very powerful.

When our energy is high, we can move mountains. When it’s low we become demotivated, sick and tired. Quite simply, our Mentors and Consultants help people and organisations to recognise how they are losing their vital ‘Life Energy’ and how to replace this with behaviour, attitudes and practices which dramatically raise Energy, with powerful effects on health, happiness and profitability.

The definition of energy is ‘the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity’.
In physics energy is defined as ‘the capacity of a physical system to perform work and exert power.’
Life Energy is the vital energy that we have as individuals, teams and organisations to fuel our passions, fire our vision, unleash our creativity and drive our performance.

Life Energy Management is how we learn to change energy depleting habits, thoughts and activities to ones which raise our energy, giving us strength, awareness, resilience, creativity and power. As our Life Energy rises, so does our brilliance and as we achieve Life Energy Mastery, we find we know more, do less and achieve our goals with ease.

When our life energy is high we feel wonderful, we radiate health and wellbeing, we inspire and energise others, we reach our full potential in life, we excel in business and we still have high energy left to bring to our relationships and to achieving our higher aspirational goals.

This makes our life energy the most precious resource and managing life energy well as crucial for business leaders and work forces as managing the business finances.

Our ability to lead and succeed is directly proportional to the energy available to us, but high pressure jobs and Western lifestyle deplete our life energy, putting our performance, work capacity, health and fulfillment at risk. Once we understand how to build our life energy, we can function at full power, with high motivation, higher emotional intelligence and real clarity. As our energy levels rise so does our mood, our capacity and our intuition. With heightened awareness we make better decisions and we arrive at the point where we do less but achieve more.

We start by assessing the current Life Energy Factor of individuals and groups, seeing clearly where energy is being lost within you team and your working environment. From there we build with you bespoke strategies to reverse energy-draining culture and behaviour, motivating sustainable high-energy changes for individuals and organisations.

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