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Kate Cook, Nutritional Therapist, BA Hons, Dip ION (MBANT) CNHC is our Director of Strategic Nutrition.

As the world of work becomes increasingly fast moving, with more pressure and more unforgiving, far too many of us are pushing our minds and bodies to the limit. The treadmill is moving ever faster and feels like its always uphill. It sometimes feels as though there is no way forward.

Kate is a real change agent, she has the inherent ability to encourage, coax and challenge people to change their busy and breathless lifestyles into a more measured and sustainable approach with huge side benefits; ranging from less stress to better sleep patterns, better weight management, more energy and sustained stamina.

With over 16 years of clinical nutrition experience, she is one of the UK’s leading Wellness and Nutrition experts, speakers and course leaders. She is in high demand with progressive organisations that have realised that a healthy workforce means a healthy and potentially profitable business.

Kate is leading an unrelenting campaign to help corporate UK take ‘wellness’ more seriously and make it more of a priority. Her real expertise is identifying what are the barriers that are holding people back, and consequently, what they will need to flourish. She is expert at helping to make this happen without ever sounding like she’s telling you off, making you feel bad or recommending painful medicine. Her clients include, Skanska, TimeWarner, Gardiner and Theobald, RBS and many more.

Dr Rosy Daniel and Kate are available together or individually to lead seminars and deliver keynote talks.

Clients love Kate, and boy, does she know her onions! Her reputation as a Keynote Speaker speaks volumes. Have a look at her speaker sheet below:-

Speaker sheet